What are the advantages of using nylon pulleys?

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What are the advantages of using nylon pulleys?


   The pulleys on the market are made of various materials, such as nylon, metal, etc., so why are more and more people using nylon wheels now?

  For years, manufacturers and users of heavy-duty lifting equipment have been looking for new ways to improve cable life and reduce mounting pulley wear. Solutions include coating the gold leg pulleys with elastic material and installing elastic material rims on the metal hubs.

  With the increasing application of mobile cranes and elevator equipment, in order to improve the lifting capacity and maneuverability, the new design requires the use of metal pulleys and counterweights to reduce weight. In addition, the requirements for corrosion-resistant parts of the lifting equipment of the marine survey team have also been gradually strengthened. Today the newly developed nylon pulley has been widely used in mobile and marine lifting equipment.

  Nylon is produced using a unique monomer casting process. Liquid monomers are polymerized directly into nylon in metal molds. Nylon can be produced in a variety of sizes and thicknesses while maintaining the integrity of the interior. Nylon components have been successfully used in various heavy equipment such as construction, railway, mining, offshore, crane manufacturing and other industries.

  Nylon is a high-gloss cast nylon that contains an ultrafine powder of molybdenum disulfide (Mos2) to improve its lubricity. Its extraordinary strength supports bearing loads much higher than other engineering thermoplastics. Due to its inherent elasticity, non-polarity and extremely fast working stress relief, it does not deform for a long time. Nylon is wear resistant, which not only reduces the overall weight of the equipment, but also protects the matching metal surface.