Why do cranes use stainless steel pulley blocks? There are 4 main advantages

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Why do cranes use stainless steel pulley blocks? There are 4 main advantages

 Stainless steel pulley block is one of the most important equipment on the installation, which plays a vital role in lifting goods. The pulley block reduces the force by changing the direction of the city. How much strength can it reduce is determined by the specific rope of the pulley block. Therefore, in the specific construction environment, the appropriate pulley block must be selected according to the specific construction requirements. When using a pulley block, the pulley block uses several sections of rope to hang the object, and the force used to lift the object is a fraction of the weight of the object.

  The reason why the pulley block is made of stainless steel is because of the excellent performance of stainless steel, which is embodied in the following points:

  1. Corrosion resistance. This kind of corrosion is uniformly promulgated on the entire inner and outer surfaces of the metal, so that the cross section is continuously reduced, and finally the force part is destroyed.

  2. Weldability. It refers to the difficulty of obtaining excellent welded joints for metal materials under certain welding processes including welding methods, welding materials, welding specifications and welding structure forms.

  3. High temperature oxidation resistance

  4. Small coefficient of thermal expansion

  The above points are the advantages of stainless steel pulley block material. In addition, stainless steel pulley block also has the advantages of convenient and fast use, stable operation and high safety factor, so it has been widely used.