Nylon pulley has good comprehensive performance

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Nylon pulley has good comprehensive performance

Nylon pulley is an indispensable part of tower crane transmission. Why is the content of nylon pulley selected among so many materials? The reason why nylon pulley is used in tower crane is unclear to many people, and the different effects of equipment are also different. It is useful to play a good effect.

The material of nylon pulley is nylon, and nylon has good comprehensive properties, including mechanical properties, heat resistance, wear resistance, chemical resistance and self-lubrication, and low friction coefficient, certain flame retardancy, Easy to process, suitable for filling with glass fiber and other fillers to enhance modification, improve performance and expand application range.

Nylon pulley has good physical and mechanical properties, has less elongation, and the operating temperature is allowed to be below 120 ° C. The toughness of nylon pulley is many times higher than that of cast iron pulley, and it has a certain hardness

Nylon pulley has low noise, low friction coefficient, good self-lubricating performance and good wear resistance.

Nylon pulley is safe and reliable, in case of component failure, it can protect other components from damage. Can be used for nylon wheel drive machinery with a temperature below 120 ° C.

The correct use of nylon wheel can prolong the life of the product and obtain the best surface treatment effect.

Speed, speed is a very important factor, it will affect the processing effect, efficiency and the life of the wheel. The actual use speed should be determined according to the material and processing effect of the processed workpiece. The wheel speed cannot exceed the safe use speed (3000rpm).

Direction of rotation, the roller must rotate in the direction calibrated on the side of the wheel, and the steering of other products is not restricted.